Upload info

It's pretty simple, you pick an image to upload and a password to use for encrypting it. After the image has been uploaded you get a link to it. When you visit this page you'll need to supply the password to view the image.

Technical stuff

  • Max upload size is 50 MiB
  • If you lose your password or the URL to your file you're on your own, I can't tell you your password or "reset" it in any way
  • All uploads are encrypted using AES-256 using a salted key
  • When an image is displayed it's as a data URI so there should be no problems saving viewed images (after all, the purpose of this service isn't to protect images from those who are allowed to see them, it's to protect them from other people)
  • Keep in mind that you're still uploading your data to a third party on the internet, even if I do what I can to protect your data I can't guarantee that no one managed to snoop